54 Real Estate Websites That Are Killing It With Their Web Design

The majority of home buyers and businesses do their property search online because it’s hassle-free, efficient, and informative - but only when the real estate website is done right. It suffices to say that a realtor’s website can make or break a buyer’s trust and interest. Your website as a realtor is like a digital handshake you can’t take for granted. Housing is an expensive and carefully considered investment. If your website doesn’t comprehend the gravity of this fact, you may have to wave those leads goodbye.

It doesn’t matter if your website is made from Wix, Wordpress or a swanky custom design, the rule of thumb for websites is that it should be interactive, easy to use, and concise. A website with these qualities can reel in sales much faster than an explosive one that demands for money. For real estate, the same rules apply but it’s necessary to humanize it, because while the commodity you’re dealing with is made of cement and dry walls, the people who will live in it aren’t.

The best type of real estate websites are able to educate their audience. Not only do they showcase gorgeous photographs of their property and provide Oscar worthy explainer videos, they also provide helpful resources to potential home buyers and sellers. Let’s look at several examples of real estate websites that nailed this combination:

Family homes

1. Michael Calcagno & Nancy Hamilton - https://www.homesinsantabarbara.com

Recognized as a flexible team in Santa Barbara and Montecito, Michael and Nancy are a top producing team due to their laid back but professional work ethic. They’re the type of realtors that won’t pressure their clients into settling with an “okay” property and instead would make them feel like they have all the choices in the world. This attitude is reflected in their website with its sleek and spacious design that features virtual tours, blog posts, and an in depth guide of their covered neighborhoods.

2. John Flanagan Team - https://www.johnflanaganteam.com

Working on the Main Lane for over 16 years, it comes as no surprise that John Flanagan has mastered all the ropes of Philadelphia real estate. John has a great reputation in both the personal and professional aspect of real estate, and his website shows that.  Its modern design ties well with his client testimonials and organized navigation system, making it polished but not too up tight. His website shows that his clients can rely on him and what 16 years of good work can do to achieve a home buyer’s dream.

3. Ashford Realty Group - https://www.ashfordrealtygroup.com      

From Colorado Springs, Ashford Realty Group has more than the usual listings on their website. They feature their agents, customer testimonials, and curated blogs for the visitor’s reference. Their website utilizes every inch of space and is free of fluff. They also include digital advertising in their skillset and go the extra mile to educate homeowners of its importance if they plan on buying and selling property.

4. Barry Estates - https://barryestates.com

Ranked as the no. 1 team in San Diego by the Wallstreet Journal, Catherine and Barry’s duo is unrivaled when it comes to the home network of their city. The reason behind their impressive 1st place is due to their prioritization on client experience. Their simple but elegant web design allows users to experience a type of luxury that’s earned. Including the usual company values and house listings, they feature press articles, hosted fundraisers and the humbling story behind their family owned business.

5. Anthony West - https://housesofkansascity.com/meet-anthony

A veteran in Kansas City, Anthony West has resided in the city for over 20 years and knows the market saturation like the back of his hand. He’s licensed in both Kansas and Missouri and his skills in marketing and management add an edge to his main occupation as a realtor. Overall, his website is approachable and has the human touch most real estate businesses lack. With blog posts, testimonials, and news features, he also adds resources for home buyers and sellers and provides handy tips for their journey on finding the right home.

6. BK Staging - https://www.bkhomestagers.com

Putting aesthetics at the core of their work (naturally), BK Staging stages your home images virtually. Through artful interior design, they can reinvigorate your home to become more appealing to surveying buyers. BK Staging’s cheerful approach to their work and website helps them achieve their mission to bring homes to life. Their website comes with a bountiful portfolio that includes a gallery and a before/after comparison to show visitors the impact tasteful interior design can do.

7. Forest View Realty - https://forestviewrealty.net

Fully embracing the rustic vibe of Arizona is Forest View Realty. Their company buys and sells homes, as well as offer rental services to those interested. Their website is unique in a sense that they take the initiative to educate their customers before allowing them to make a big purchase or investment. They guide all of their clients through the whole process of buying a home and their website emulates this support through their thorough listing descriptions and detailed team page.

8. Grist Realty - https://www.gristrealty.com

Residing in North Carolina, Grist Realty consists of Hugh Grist and Hillary Kennedy. They offer great listings on their website and pair them with specialties like builder services or a vendor list for house repairs and maintenance. This gives buyers a bang for their buck because along with the home they’re purchasing, they’re also getting perks that help keep it at its best.

9. Al Waddell - https://www.remax.com/real-estate-agents/al-waddell-columbus-oh/100046356

The Al Waddell website is as capable as their real estate business. They have a custom design, personalized domain, and a unique logo to represent their specializations in the market. To engage their visitors, they have image slideshows and brand explainer videos to inform customers of their competence. They also have their certifications, accreditations, and awards on display, together with genuine testimonials from satisfied clients.

10. Deborah Camuso - http://debcamuso.com

Deborah Camuso is the type of realtor that counters her client’s problems and housing dilemmas with innovative solutions. Her website is well organized and systematic. It’s a custom design and houses plenty of valuable content for both buyers and sellers. Her listings for Cape Cod and New York are separated to avoid confusion and her active and sold listings come with videos to help visitors examine the property in greater detail. To bring it up a notch, she even has 3D tours of selected properties to make it seem like you’re inside the house itself.

11. Debbie Gates - https://www.debbiegates.com

Debbie Gate’s website may have a minimalistic style, but it’s not short on content. Her website is fresh with topics about real estate and includes a huge library of testimonials that demonstrate her expertise in the industry. With her listings, she keeps them proportioned by organizing her “sold” and “coming soon” properties. They’re the type of company that’s not afraid of feedback which is why they attach a Recommend Us page for Zillow, Yelp, and Facebook to encourage word of mouth and to boost their visibility as a brand in the process.

12. Catherine Zerba - https://www.catherinezerba.com

For Catherine Zerba’s website, she uses a variety of valuable content to effectively pitch her brand and expertise to visitors. Along with sold listings and great testimonials on her website, she also has her credentials, awards, achievements, and personal history on display to spark congeniality. Her blogs also help in promoting her “new” and “coming soon” listings on her inventory.

13. San Fran Mary Ann - https://sanfranmaryann.com

Fueled by enthusiasm and genuine concern for her community, Mary Ann scatters the passion she has for her work on her website. It’s stocked with local content and includes an “About Town” page where you can read anecdotes about her favorite local bakeries, events, and more. Through her website, you can fully immerse yourself in the city of San Francisco in her thoughtful “San Fran Memories” page that virtually takes visitors to the most memorable parts of the city.

14. Kimberly Chadwick - https://kimchadwick.kw.com

Sometimes the downfall of a good website despite all it’s incredible features is a tricky and complicated navigation system. For Kimberly Chadwick, she knows this all too well. She uses a clean, contemporary, and easy design for her website and combines it with stellar content to keep things balanced. She also uses a healthy amount of video footage for her property tours and testimonials. As a strategy, she connects these videos to Youtube to instantly drive back inquiring minds to her website.

15. Far West Sonoma - https://www.farwestsonoma.com/wine-country/

Folks in Far West Sonoma understand the impact of great photography, which is why they use full-width images of their picturesque landscapes in Sonoma, CA. Their websites feature testimonials, past client homes, and real estate blogs that talk about real estate trends and market reports. They also have a network of area pages for the major regions in their market with zip codes for each town. The Far West Sonoma website is highly customer centric and uses all of its power to be of help to every visitor.

16. Christine McLellan - https://www.christinemclellan.com

Placing her expertise front and center, Christine’s website has extensive pages regarding the four communities she serves. The website has images and information about schools, public transport, restaurants, and more. It even has a complete list of current tax rates in Massachusetts for the visitor’s reference. To extol her current reputation as a trusted realtor, she dedicates a page for her credentials as a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) and as a Realtor Institute Graduate.

17. Debbie and Lauren McCauley - https://www.debbiemccauley.com

Debbie and Lauren’s website is strategically focused on the customers of Cardiff, CA and likewise, their expertise is backed by a rich testimonials page. Their web design is pleasing to the eye and goes through great lengths to cater to their buyers. They have area pages that include the contact number and address of utility companies, schools, and emergency services in the Cardiff area. Both women also own a respective page about their occupational and personal history to help let visitors get to know them more as professionals.

18. The Cape House Team - https://www.thecapehouseteam.com

Run by a seasoned realtor, Katie Clancy has been in the business for 12 years and has marked her territory in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Their website carries a beautiful mid-century vibe and is successful in making every visitor feel right at home. The Cape House Team website is intentionally designed to be warm to contrast the business feel of traditional real estate. They also have a vlog titled “The Cape House Show” where they talk about local information every buyer and seller on Cape Cod should know.

19. Branchout Realty - https://www.branchoutre.com

Content is vital for a business because it helps customers find you through search engines. With Branchout Realty, they’ve meticulously put up community pages that help visitors identify their areas of interest and homes available in those locations. Their website makes use of a custom lead capture in their pages that help them turn interested passerbys into potential clients. They also have an active blog regarding notable listings, open houses, local events, and attractions in the neighborhoods they cover. The Branchout Realty team has a solid marketing strategy that can be seen on their website because while it’s informative, it’s also doing a great job at reeling in leads.

20. BrickHouse Properties - https://www.brickhousepropertiesky.com

The BrickHouse Properties logo is part of the reason why their brand is so memorable, it has witty details that resemble a roofline, chimney, and a wolf silhouette that relates to their Kentucky properties. Their website navigation system is a breeze to use and they have listings in cities of Lexington, Georgetown, and Frankfurt in their main pages. They also use hero images to showcase unique properties across local Kentucky and they even provide a home valuation for client’s that are looking to sell their current homes.

21. Ormsby Real Estate - https://www.tahoenorthshore.com

The Ormsby real estate team dedicates their web design to the crisp sceneries of Lake Tahoe, CA, which includes the waters, greenery and mountains. This gives their properties a fantastic natural backdrop and allows them to highlight the serenity of the countryside. Their website also goes into detail about the Ormsby team and they have a rentals page that features their new and notable properties. There’s also a pre-filtered area search page that showcases a variety of specific property types and towns.

22. Atoka Properties - https://www.atokaproperties.com

Atoka Properties is one of the few real estate businesses that’s genuinely earnest in educating their customers. Their website has blogs full of notable listings and intriguing articles for both buyers and sellers. To make their listings more appealing to visitors, they have property videos with links to virtual tours to let them see every inch possible. They also have an extensive team directory that features all of their real estate agents.

23. Alexander Real Estate - https://www.alexanderealestate.com/about/

Another website that puts equal importance on their content and web design is Alexander Real Estate. Their website is simple, sophisticated and enlightening. They have a well-designed logo and a catalog of eye-catching slideshow photos for their listings. To make their team less intimidating, eight of their associates have headshots, bios, and their contact info listed on a designated page. They also have beaming testimonials that come with social sharing buttons and a contact form in case any visitor wants to get in touch.

24. Castle Hills Real Estate - https://www.castlehillsrealestate.com

Videos are an underutilized tool in real estate marketing but Castle Hills Real Estate uses this technique to its full capacity. They have curated videos to promote their active listings and they post vlogs that relay expert advice to potential home buyers and sellers. Aside from that, their website has a community page that contains a plethora of information about housing, trends, attractions, schools, and etc.

25. The Alice Chin Team - https://www.alicechin.com

The combination of a great logo and a snappy tagline is more effective than people realize. With the tagline “Your Home, Our Passion” on Alice Chin’s website, their brand emits attentive professionalism to all their visitors. Their website has a detailed team page for each member and they publish blog topics that are useful for buyers and sellers i.e. tips for curb appeal, priority repairs and little things that improve a house’s appeal in the market. They also have an area page profiling Naperville, which has community highlights and the latest listings around town.

26. Cotton & Company - https://marysellsflorida.com

Born out of great thought for their branding, Mary Cotton built her website to reflect her own personality and values. Their custom design, playful fonts, and logo easily articulate to visitors their priorities as realtors and how their company operates. To match this energy, they feature fun neighborhood activity photos from communities they cover as well as comprehensive blogs that talk about housing market statistics.

27. Grove Realty - https://www.groverealty.com

Grove Realty’s website utilizes the power of making your site interactive. They use HTML5 videos as their homepage background and they engineered a custom map of all the areas they serve. Clicking any region on this map will take you to a pre-filtered listing page for your chosen community. They’re not without great content though, they also have a personalized page about their company vision and mission to help visitors better understand how they work and why they continue to do so.

28. White Line Realty - https://www.whitelinerealty.com

White Line Realty has a powerful logo simply because it’s able to capture the brand’s message. White Line Realty believes that finding the right home is also about finding the right lifestyle, which their logo fully supports with its smart and elegant design. Their About page expounds on this philosophy and opens a new conversation regarding home buying. To keep their visitors updated, they also have a pop up lead capture form that lists the benefits when you sign up for their website.

29. The Cyr Team - https://thecyrteam.com

The Cyr Team’s website signifies their wide ranging experience with the local property market of West Chester, PA. Their website has blogs, guides, and videos on various real estate topics like housing market snapshots, or the complicated process of home appraisals. Their knowledge in the industry is praiseworthy and their 50+ testimonials can affirm that. They also have a videos page that gives the Cyr Team the chance to discuss home photography and staging tips to interested visitors.

30. David Coffey - http://www.davidcoffey.ca

Operating in the Toronto area, David is a businessman that refrains from thinking like a typical suit. His website is clear of unnecessary content and is sensibly filled with blogs that carry advice for home buyers and sellers. For his listings, he makes the effort to categorize the houses according to their style, such as urban, hip, ex-burbs, and etc. His website is informative and easy to navigate, creating a good balance between compelling content and an engaging interface.

31. Egypt Sherrod - https://www.egyptsherrodrealestate.com

Egypt has mastered the art of branding your business and it can definitely be seen on her website. Aside from the usual listings, she has tons of promotional products like books and videos that are effective in roping visitors to engage with her. She also offers an ebook titled “Keep Calm, It’s Just Real Estate” that gives a stress-free guide to home buying. Egypt’s website is reliable and bright just like all the material and professional advice she puts out.

Luxury Properties

32. Nieva, Inc. - https://www.nievainc.com

Headed by Christine Nieva, Nieva real estate offers luxury property investments that cover commercial, residential, and international real estate. Their target market aligns perfectly with their web design because of how refined and subtle it is. Their site is peppered with killer photography that highlight the best assets of their properties, proving that their homes are in a league above others.

33. Strait Luxury-Tamara Straight - https://www.straitluxury.com

With a more open-minded take on luxury homes, Tamara Straight doesn’t conform to the conventional standards of luxury real estate because she believes that any home can be luxurious as long as it’s picked by the right buyer. One of the things that differentiate her from other realtors is her emphasis on client confidentiality, everything shared between her and the buyer/seller is classified. Her website has brief customer testimonials, coming soon listings, and a free monthly magazine that features local businesses, events, and articles related to home buying and selling.

34. The Malibu Life - https://www.themalibulife.com

Emphasizing that Malibu is more than a destination, but a lifestyle, the Malibu Life website doesn’t hold back on all the dreamy homes Malibu can offer. Their website attests to this extravagant lifestyle by attaching media articles about their coveted properties and over the moon testimonials about how their homes help people appreciate everyday living.

35. Kim Spears - https://www.kimspearsgroup.com

The Kim Spears Group keep their website head and shoulders above others through their cutting edge custom design, flawless images, and engaging real estate brand. Their website comes with an elaborate page of their team, complete with professional headshots to give faces to their impressive credentials. Apart from their listings, they also have an extensive area search for all the communities they serve.

36. Perdue Properties - https://www.perdueproperties.com

They say the best websites are interactive and Perdue Properties hits the nail on the head. They have stunning animations that visually engage visitors and their images are structured to seem like they’re jumping from the screen. They also have an interactive island map that helps visitors identify and spot areas of interest. Their website is both convenient and technologically stylish. Their long-form testimonials also help in earning the trust of prospective customers because it assures them that these experiences are legitimate and carefully thought.

37. Coldwell Banker Success - https://www.cbsuccess.com

Descending from the renowned Coldwell Banker realtor, the Coldwell Banker Success is a business minded website beyond reproach. They hold valuable content for local buyers and sellers and have a brokerage page of monthly market updates for Madison and its surrounding counties. In addition to that, they have market update videos, current home sales and pricing statistics to bring every home buyer up to speed about anything real estate.

38. Dolly Lenz Real Estate - https://dollylenz.com

A high brow realtor, Dolly Lenz serves New York City and the Hamptons. Her website doesn’t disappoint when it comes to hi-res listing slideshows and its refined logo. The website itself has a professional tone and exudes authority in the business of real estate. They also have a thought leader approach when it comes to their pages and Dolly’s TV appearances and news articles are peppered accordingly on the site. Her influence as a realtor is further lauded in a page that features her speaker events at various conferences across the world.


39. NoBedrooms - https://www.nobedrooms.com

The NoBedrooms company based in Chicago specializes in buying and selling studio apartments over the traditional suburban housing of real estate. Their website has a custom URL and includes studio listings as well as helpful content for the customer’s consumption. What makes their website stand out is their page promoting their upcoming ebook “From Grad to Pad”, which is essentially a starter kit for first time home buyers. They also provide a direct email link for investors that are looking for tips to generate more value on their properties, making the communication between two parties smoother and cost-effective.

40. Lowell Lofts - https://www.lowelllofts.com

Niches are no stranger to real estate. Lowell Lofts specialize in a specific segment of the real estate market, which are loft homes and condos. Their website URL, logo, and page content all accentuate the benefits of loft-style living in the city. On top of that, they have a comprehensive FAQs page regarding home buying and selling in downtown Lowell, MA and a “tool box” for visitors to sift through if they’re in need of local service providers, attorneys, home inspectors, electricians, and more.  

41. DMCI Homes - https://www.dmcihomes.com

Effectively standing out from the crowd, the DMCI Homes website is both scenic and systematic. They have a chatbot to serve every visitor’s inquiry and a detailed timeline of the properties they’ve built over the years. A unique feature of their website is the Site Progress Report, which indicates via percentage which projects are close to being finished and which have just started. It’s safe to assume that DMCI takes pride in their transparency as a realtor and developer because they also have a “whistleblower” section on their site in case anyone wants to report any malpractice they’ve done as a company. For their leasing page, it can be sorted based on budget, no. of bedrooms, and furnishing. As for content, they have blog articles about condo living and the humanitarian work they do on the side.

Work spaces

42. WeWork - https://www.wework.com/l/manila

WeWork is a coworking office space that houses businesses, start-ups and freelancers alike. Since they mostly deal with office properties, their website is minimal and straight to the point - absolutely no fuss. They have a global portfolio and a list of flexible commitments on their home page, as well as a “Buildings Near You” feature that shows where you can find a WeWork office closest to your city. To earn the trust of their visitors, they have trusted partners and Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Pfizer, Samsung, VISA, and Zoom listed at the bottom of their home page. In addition, they also have blogs about workplace trends and innovations to stimulate the minds of those in the corporate world.

43. Common Ground - https://ph.commonground.work

Recognized as ASEAN’s Best Co-working Space of 2019 in the ASEAN Rice Bowl StartUp Awards, Common Ground is a coworking space in the Philippines that puts great importance in the cultivation of productivity. They have a refreshing website that’s youthful and sanguine. Their offer of a Free Day Pass is displayed neatly on top of their homepage for any visitors that want to check out their spaces. They also include testimonials from different industry leaders like CEOs, country managers, and executives that further validate the greatness of Common Ground.

Property development

44. Alphaland - https://alphaland.com.ph

A website that’s strictly business, Alphaland Corporation is a property developer that specializes in high end properties. Their branding in their website makes it clear that they’re not a one-size-fits-all company. They have an impressive portfolio lined up on their homepage that includes renowned locations in the Philippines like Balesin Island Club, Makati Place, The Alpha Suites, etc. They also provide articles that highlight each property’s best asset and propagate updates regarding promos or announcements.

45. Ayala Land  - https://www.ayalaland.com.ph

It’s obvious from Ayala Land’s website that they prioritize customer experience alongside their famed properties. Their core mission is to enhance the Filipino way of life through nurturing and impactful communities. On their homepage, they feature their most celebrated properties which are Makati Central Business District, Nuvali, Cebu Park District, and Ayala Land Premier. Their development projects are nicely segmented for easy sifting and they have a dedicated page for videos and awards regarding their sustainable advocacies.

46. Filinvest Land - https://www.filinvestland.com

As you click the Filinvest website, it immediately greets you with numbers and statistical data of their company revenue, net income, and even stock scores. Obviously, they’re not afraid to flaunt their company’s success. They also have an Annual Report free for download in case their visitors want an in depth view of their industry performance. Their website is packed with relevant information and content but they’re able to balance this with high quality photos of their residential homes, townhouses, malls, and etc.

47. SMDC Development Corporation - https://smdc.com

Urban, smart, and top-notch. SMDC specializes in condo homes all over the Philippines’ major cities. Their homepage has a slideshow of all SMDC properties with a brief introduction for each one, almost like they’re introducing each property’s personality. They also have a blog page called “The Good Life” which centers on living spaces, sustainability, and guides to living the best condo life in the city.

48. Rockwell Land Corporation - https://www.e-rockwell.com

Like its name, Rockwell Land Corporation is a high brow developer of condos, workspaces, and lifestyle hubs in Metro Manila. Their project portfolio is in full view on their homepage with a panoramic image for each property. In terms of content, they have the Rockwell Digest which features promising restaurants, employee interviews, and partner brand updates. There’s also the Rockwell Buzz that flexes their feed-worthy Instagram photos and videos. Rockwell’s website, despite its opulence, is centered on their community and the relationships they have within it. Their website knows how to engage with visitors and clings to human emotion.

49. Century Properties - https://www.century-properties.com

Century Properties builds luxury real estate developments, like the Trump Tower in Century City, The Milano Residences, Century City Mall, and Azure Urban Resort Residences. Their website, albeit its conservative appearance, still shows their expertise and competency in the industry. A short company history is featured on their website as well as multiple awards they’ve accumulated through the years. They have a chatbot at every visitor’s disposal and have gone the extra mile to dedicate a page of real estate investing tips for visitors that are still mulling over their real estate decisions. They also have a news relations section that feature articles about their victories and past projects, collaborations, video tours, and interviews.

50. Megaworld Corporation - https://www.megaworldcorp.com

The first thing you’ll see on the Megaworld Corporations website is a vivid time lapse video of one of their buildings with a city lights backdrop. Their website is more interactive than most because of its luminous visuals and clever interactive map. They’re fully equipped with videos about their different offices, malls, and condos for visitors to look over. They’re not without content though, they also have blogs indicating which of their properties are the most “instagrammable” and which ones have a historical background.

51. Arthaland - https://www.arthaland.com.ph

There’s a shortage of “woke” real estate businesses out there and Arthaland uses this to their advantage. On their homepage, they use their progressive and environment conscious brand to connect with their audience. Their website emphasizes their brand story and mission statement as the foremost green developer in the Philippines and combines it with first-rate photos of their properties. Each page is optimized without looking stuffy and they even make use of fun graphics to add a pop of color into their web interface. They also have news articles regarding their properties and ongoing construction updates for every visitor’s information.

52. Daiichi Properties - https://daiichiproperties.com

Finally, a website that makes use of white space. Daiichi Properties’ website creates a great first impression in their homepage because of its premium drone shots that’s topped off with a  clever logo animation at the end. Under this, they have their award winning properties listed such as 56 Central, The Finance Centre, etc. Aside from visuals, they also know how to play with content. Daiichi has its own small publication called “Perspectives” where they talk about ideas, trends, and issues in their circle. As a cherry on top, they also reserve a page for their proactive activities in the Philippines that go beyond helping communities.

53. W Group - https://wgroup.com.ph

The W Group’s website is sleek, simple, and practical. High res photos of their properties serve as their background and the navigation system is a breeze to use. They make sure not to overcomplicate their site with too much information, which is why they only add what's absolutely necessary for their visitor’s education. Their projects like the W City Center, CitiBank Plaza, W Global City etc. have their own designated pages with photos, descriptions, and an embedded map pin. W Group is another good example of utilizing white space because it gives a clean and stylish look to their brand.

54. Edge - https://edge.tech

A pioneer and a leader, Edge is an unrivaled real estate developer in Germany that uses modern technology and sustainability in bringing their properties to the next level. Their website ticks all the boxes for what a website should be: interactive, easy navigation, superb content, and engaging visuals. Their homepage is splashed with the right amount of color. As you scroll down, you’ll discover their neatly organized portfolio that’s filled with projects in various countries. They also have riveting content that comes in different forms like video, blogs, infographics, and even a downloadable pdf. Their website aims to educate and inspire their visitors to work with them and as a real estate business, that’s basically the feeling you’d want your customers to feel about you.

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