Every project begins with our Digital Strategy workshop

The workshop is hosted in a 2 day format (approximately 3-4 hours each day). It is a required and essential element of the process that forms a solid foundation for your project. 

We seek a deep understanding of your brand - the core values, the personality of your team, your product offerings, and what makes you different from your competitors. At the same time, we want you to know us well and understand how and why our process gets great results.
Trying to shortcut the process by skipping the workshop always leads to miscommunication and misalignment, resulting in unforeseen differences of opinion, redoing completed work, missed deadlines and a general sense that things could go more smoothly.

01 discovery

The objective of Discovery is to understand each other well while taking a deep, introspective look at what matters to your team and what drives success for your company. This is more than a “meet the team” introduction; it is a collaborative deep dive into your core values, mission and vision, and what your brand means to your target audience. There are structured activities, but no precise formula. Success depends on open, transparent communication from all participants.

02 Strategy

Building the right brand strategy is a unique exercise for every company. Starting with the workshop findings and combining these insights with industry research, we form a positioning statement for your brand to define what is special, what really matters, and who will care. The end result is a strategy document defining the core essence of your brand, leading your team to success with clarity and purpose.

03 Identity

With the right strategy in place and our teams aligned on your vision, the real fun begins as our design professionals bring your strategy to life as the personality of your brand identity. We create a distinctive look with a voice and messaging that announces the strength of your brand and connects to your target audience on both rational and emotional levels.

04 Application

Finally, the strategy and design are combined to get your message out and attract new business from ideal customers. The strategy guides decisions for the right channels and communication points - it might be your website, social media, billboards, e-mail campaigns, banners, hats, t-shirts, etc - whatever is right for your brand.





The value in what we do lies in the ability to convert conversations into user-friendly strategies.

brand strategy & Workshops

While great visuals and design are the more obvious and noticeable elements of branding, good brand strategy is tied much closer to business strategy. It should align a team’s mission with the founder’s vision, enabling consistent brand representation across all platforms. A great brand strategy document should be available to your whole team, reflecting your mission and vision, your long-term business goals, how you communicate with customers, and a clear roadmap for achieving success - get that right first and great visuals and design work will follow.

SCHedule workshop

The signing of your project agreement triggers our workshop process - approximately 10 days after signing. The workshop is most effective if you share existing strategy documents, such as mission/vision statement or marketing materials. We need you to share your passions so we can position your unique brand strengths most advantageously. Executive support is essential for project success, so we recommend the attendance of founders/chairman and up to five (5) other relevant department leaders (Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Growth, PR, etc).

digital session

Our 100% digital workshop sessions span two days (typically 3-4 hours/day) and require only a computer or tablet to participate. While time efficiency of digital meetings is obvious, our challenge was to create an experience that transcends a live workshop. Zoom conferencing and other collaboration tools provide great capabilities, but the real team engagement magic comes from completely re-imaging facilitation of the digital workshop to utilize enhancements like saving and sharing boards and allowing all participants to write simultaneously.

Standard exercises for workshop session include:
Team Goals
30K Foot View
User Profiles
Tone and Voice
User Journey
Priorities Matrix

Strategy report

Our in-house team conducts industry and market research, fusing it with insights derived and learned from the workshop to create a preliminary draft of your brand playbook. After our respective teams are aligned on the playbook content, we create a final report rich with visual examples of strategies, personas, and goals.


Throughout the process, we meet with your key focal points to keep our work aligned with the passions and values that represent your brand. We ensure alignment and consistency by providing regular updates, communicating any issues proactively, and being available to answer questions. Diligent attention to alignment gets better results and helps your team understand the process on an ongoing basis.

brand Consulting

As brand consultants, we are your branding experts, open to any topics you wish to discuss while keeping your brand health as the top priority. We have learned that cyclical sales targets and other short term business pressures can cause people to underestimate the importance of their brand. Sales and marketing are crucial for sustainable performance, but remember that sales targets are short term, while branding supports your long term reputation.

how does it work

Our brand consulting services are typically only offered to those clients and partners who have already availed themselves of our strategy workshop offering. The workshop builds an intimate understanding of your brand, good relationships with your core team members, and establishes a strong strategic blueprint for your brand. All of this is irreplaceable in order for us to provide maximum value. We commit one of our Senior Brand Strategists for up to 8 hours/week for consulting as internal advisors or to join you in other external meetings.


The benefits of hiring brand consultants and lawyers are similar in that both apply knowledge and experience to provide advice on complex business issues. The big difference is that lawyers primarily advise you what not to do in order to avoid damaging the company reputation, while brand consultants focus on advising you how to build up the company reputation. We help you craft the right brand positioning in our workshops and our consulting services help ensure optimal returns on your branding investment.

retainer based pricing

We offer retainer based pricing that is ideal for tactical execution of established brand strategy and a wide variety of comparatively minor requests for design visuals, end-to-end promotional video production (suitable for blogs and social media) and junior strategists, who are excellent tacticians to execute within your brand strategy framework. It is an opportunity to avail outstanding design and visual services perfectly aligned with your brand at better rates compared to Senior Strategists.

hourly based pricing

Gohan's senior strategists’ base hourly rate is 150USD$/ hour, which can be negotiated and discounted for certain factors like frequency and length of agreement, payments in advance, and quite frankly it could depend largely on what other projects we have in process.

brand identity design

Engaging Gohan’s in-house hybrid strategy & design team allows you to extend the synergies established in the workshops and strategy discussions to enjoy our award-winning design work and visuals created by the team that understands your brand best.

Brand identity & Logo design

With your team engaged and excited, brand identity & logo design is where the hard work and investment in brand strategy gets fun as your brand takes on form and images. Our in-house designers use their knowledge about your brand to create Stylescapes - cinematic blueprints for your brand The Stylescape is used to provide visual clarity, generate excitement, and generate further discussion as we continue working together to bring your brand to life.


Stylescapes are a fairly new visualization framework, replacing the entire design-pitching concept. Under the old model, design agencies used to take three months, then everybody dresses up to drive to your office and spend two hours pitching ideas for the direction. We strongly disagree with this overly expensive and inefficient process - it is a momentum killer. Instead, we present 3-5 recommended themes on one cinematic design sheet, used to stimulate discussion and collect your feedback.

brand guidelines

In perfect harmony with your brand strategy, your brand guidelines details precise specifications for color, shape, alternative presentations, etc for your brand and logo marks, ensuring consistent presentation of your brand with all your external partners and across all platforms. Ever wonder how the biggest brands stay so consistent. A great brand book takes care of that for you on any continent!

Brand assets & creatives

We love our design team at Gohan - they are dedicated and versatile practitioners, always striving to master the latest tools and technology to boost their own skill sets. The biggest thrill for them is challenges that force them to introduce new techniques into their award-winning design portfolios. We also shoot interviews and build personalized websites by request. From business cards to campaign materials, we can meet all your design needs. This DOES NOT include 3D renderings and high production jobs - we can help you find somebody to do these.


"I feel I can ask any question big or small and learn a lot with every meeting we had, Thank you!"


Assist. to Chairman - TKG

"To combat challenges in reader demographics, Gohan executed a complete rebrand of a news app."


VP of Marketing - Snippet

"Everyone did very well, and their principal got involved on occasion to make sure expectations were met. Their whole process is very good."


CEO - Epoch


- Yohji Alexander Kanki -