Our processes &
strategic capabilities


Gohan’s founders combined their experience and strategic thinking skills to develop these processes which allow our clients to focus on business execution while we guide them through their brand experience.

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We simplify your branding experience

We deliver value-driven strategies to enterprises of all size. Rapidly evolving e-commerce dynamics dictate the need for sound marketing strategies. We help you clarify your purpose, understand your customers’ behaviors, develop the right campaigns to reach them, and establish strong goals.


Our services



Naming & Messaging

Brand Positioning

User Profiles & Journey 

Customer Research 

Brand Attributes

Competitive Analysis 

Goal Setting (Priorities)

Logo Design & Identity 

Brand Guidelines

Package/ Print Materials 

Environmental Design

Presentation Decks

Artwork & Illustrations

Content Marketing

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing

Growth Driven Design

Touchpoint Segmentation

Digital Development

SE(O) Optimisation

Web Development


Motion Graphics

Explainer Videos


Interior Design

3D Rendering & Animation



Process Overview

We are not re-inventing the wheel, we want to show you how to use it, put new rims on it and make people look at you when you cruise through the city.

1. Discovery Session 

2. Branding Session

3. Digital & Marketing

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Discovery Session

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The Discovery session keeps our work aligned with your objectives. During this live, in person session, we facilitate deep inquiries that reveal insights about your customer base and internal stakeholders, business goals, and brand attributes that resonate with your customers on an emotional level.



• Brand Positioning 

• User Profiles & Journey

• Customer Research 

• Brand Attributes 

• Competitive Analysis


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Brand Identity


The ability to develop a great brand identity resides at the intersection of art and science, where the combined power of language and aesthetics amplify each other and represent your brand to the world. Supported by diligent research and tireless iteration, we explore and review numerous possibilities to create the most authentic, compelling, and beautiful image of your brand.



• Logo Design & Identity 

• Naming & Messaging

• Brand Guidelines 

• Marketing Collaterals 

• Environmental Design

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Digital & Marketing


The Internet is evolving, websites multiply at geometric rates, and search algorithms are continuously refined – messages get lost.
Managing this complexity is one of our core offerings. We capitalize on changes to SEO algorithms, we collect customer data throughout the buying process, and we constantly measure and adjust.


• Touchpoint Segmentation

• Social Media Marketing

• SEO Optimization 

• Digital Development

• Inbound Marketing