The world doesn’t need another cliché. In a sea of brands that offer the same thing, knowing your unique value as a business is not enough. You must communicate it effectively to your target market. How? Through excellent branding.



Brand Discovery


Don’t know what your brand stands for yet? Let Gohan Concepts’ brand architects help you discover your uniqueness as a business through a Discovery Session. In this 5-hour workshop, we will identify your brand’s values and purpose, brand voice and tone, and the kind of relationship you want to build with your customers, ultimately leading us to effective branding.


Brand Identity: Logo Design & Other Branding Elements


How to be your customers’ top-of-mind brand in your business category? Establish a brand identity so strong that even without your brand name, they’ll know it’s you.

At Gohan Concepts, we believe consistency is the core of a strong brand identity. Our designers with years of experience in design ensure all your brand elements make you distinct from your competitors—from the logo design, typography, to colors, shapes, and animation used. Once all elements are finalized, we’ll collate it into a brand book that’ll serve as guidelines each and every time a brand collateral will be produced.


Print & Packaging Design


Well-designed and well-executed print and packaging materials significantly add up to a better brand experience. However, not everyone is capable of doing excellent print/packaging design in this digital age. At Gohan Concepts, we have designers whospecializes in designing for print and packaging. We also have a pool of trusted printer suppliers that provide color-proofings and mock-ups to ensure high-quality prints.


Eco-friendly Design


In a time when it’s not enough for businesses to just be unique but also relevant to their customers, supporting a cause can make customers see brands in a different light.

Hard as it may seem to achieve, Gohan Concepts’ insightful team have brought to life environmental-friendly ideas through in-depth research and intelligent use of technology. We believe that as communicators, we can use our ability to influence and use creativity for the overall well-being of humanity.


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