Nowadays, you will find yourself presented with the dilemma of having way too many directions to take your brand. Gohan Concepts will help build your brand strategy, maneuver it to the right direction, and drive success to your business with our modern, transparent and extensive approach in strategy brand consultancy.
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Naming and Messaging


Naming your brand is one of the most crucial decisions you have to make. Together with your messaging, your brand name should reflect who you are and what you stand for so customers will gravitate towards it. We will help you in the process of building these so you can be the top-of-mind brand for your product or service.


Brand Positioning


One element of success is correctly setting the place in which your brand should be in and reaching customers within that space.With proper brand positioning, you empathize with your audience in the most relatable and personalized way, resulting in a positive relationship. As part of building your brand, we will provide you with modern perspectives on how to achieve the right brand positioning and how to use it to impact your customers lives.


User Profiles & Journey


Know your customers and what keeps them coming back for more! Our advanced tools allow us to dig deep into your potential buyers and where they are in their journey. With these, we are able to understand who they are and how to best reach them in every phase and lead them to your product.


Customer Research


Establish more meaningful connections with your customers by listening to their specific needs. Through comprehensive data gathering, we ensure that your brand is able to identify their specific buying habits and behavioural patterns, as well as the demographic or psychographic segmentation.


Brand Attributes


Lay down the foundation of who you are. We identify 5 key attributes that summarize what your brand stands for. We work out the brand’s Culture, the types of Customers it will have, our messaging Voice / Tone, our Look / Feel, and Value it centers itself on. These 5 attributes guide us in the direction we’ll take your brand on.


Competitive Analysis


Know who you’re up against! With our up-to-date scanning tools, we are able to closely monitor your competitors’ every move in order to find opportunities that will leverage your brand. With Gohan Concepts, we guarantee that you’ll always be two or more steps ahead of the competition.


Goal Settings


Planning next steps for your brand can be overwhelming. Our modern goal-setting methods, with the aid of inbound marketing through Hubspot, will help minimize the anxieties and turn these into opportunities. Together, we will classify each by priority, feasibility and timing, and identify ways in achieving short-term and long-term goals as a team.


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