city of pearl

"When the idea for “City of Pearl” was still in its infancy, we had to look for an advertising firm that would not only create our marketing collateral, but also to help us communicate and sell this revolutionary idea, especially that we had to secure permits from various government and regulatory agencies. Gohan Concepts was with us in every step of the way. They helped us develop our brand identity and refine our message to create an impact to our audience."

Kitson S. Kho

Executive Chairman

Pretty Huge Obstacles

"I can say with great confidence that Gohan Concepts quite possibly provide their clients with the best creative solutions when it comes to Design & Marketing in the Philippines. Their years of experience in the field, and attention to detail are showcased at each and every meeting. They possess the rare ability to engage with their customers at all levels, and I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to take their business and ideas to the next level."

Michael Yung



"Working with Gohan Concepts has been a rewarding experience for our app, SnippetMedia. We wanted something big, something exciting. We first had to get a good understanding of our target market and what they enjoyed. When Jason came up with the reward system, we knew we had a winner. There was a huge increase in the number of downloads and users! The more we worked with them, the more we saw the brand’s potential."

Oliver Bayani

VP of Product & DESIGN